Stuck in cycle of emotional eating? Having a difficult time reacing your weight loss goals? Contact us as we can help!

If you are struggling with weight loss and are challenged by "emotional eating behavior" you may consider participating in this higly effective program. For more information please visit:

One of the most exciting areas in Medical Research these days has to do with "Gut Flora".


New research reveals the microbiome in our gut governs many of our body’s key functions and is vital to our overall health.

Health experts believe our gut is the largest immune organ in the body. Therefore, many health concerns that we face today have been linked to excessive inflammation in the body and unhealthy gut flora. Conditions like acne, depression, asthma, autism, food allergies, and digestive issues may potentially stem from an imbalance in gut bacteria.

A balanced microbiome regulates the immune system, digestive system, supports mood and brain function, and helps us maintain a health...

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The way we consume food today has a lot more to do with emotional satisfaction than energy replenishment.

January is the perfect time to detox and focus on functional eating. Every day we’re bombarded with toxins and chemicals (in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the products we use and the foods we eat), which over time accumulate in our body and lead to headaches, pain, digestive distress, disease and stubborn weight that won’t come off. When we help our body detox, by eliminating toxic burden, our organs can function better at generating great energy level and shedding excess pounds!

Here are 8 tips for dietary detoxification and functional eating that will help you lose ...

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Dear Friends,

If you know of someone who is interested in acheiving their weight loss goals this year as part of an exciting new M.D. supervised comprehensive weight loss program, please extend my invitation by having them join me and my staff this Saturday January 28th at 10 AM for a Complimentary Open House Seminar at my Tarzana office location.

We plan to share the latest and greatest FDA approved methods of safe and effective weight loss in this informational session.

Space is limited. Please call 818 344 7224 or visit to reserve your spot!

If you ever wanted to lose weight safely and affordably under M.D. supervision, you would not want to miss Doctor Sach's Open House event on Saturday January 28th.

Given space limitations, please call Doctor Sach's office at 818-344-SACH (7224) to reserve your spot.

You may also visit us at

Are you interested in starting an affordable and effective M.D. supervised Weight loss program designed by Dr. Sach?

Please call our office to reserve your space for our complementary Open House event on Saturday January 28th at 10 AM!


Interested in learning more about an exciting new M.D. Supervised Weight loss program designed by Dr. Sach?

Please call 310-344-SACH (7224) to reserve your spot at our Open House event on Saturday Jan 28th 2017 where you can personally learn about the numerous options available for a healthy and lasting weight loss journey!

Should our government be held responsible for not dealing with the sugar addiction epidemic?

Could our government's systematic failure have contributed to our obesity epidemic?

I think watching this video is a must for anyone interested in learning about why we are going through an obesity epidemic. I even made my kids watch it and saw for myself how effective it was when I witnessed the way they behaved the next time we went to the grocery store.


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